Richard Fornara


I'm a Senior 3D Artist with 8 year’s games industry experience and 6 years in the training & simulation industry. I enjoy working as part of a team and particularly the regular challenges within the industry where initiative and willingness to assume additional responsibility are often necessary to fulfill tasks within tight time limits and budgets.
I am an organized, disciplined person and am always open to new challenges.

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Visual Environments Modeller & Consultant (Contractor)

Thales Training & Simulation

June 2007 — Present

Artist (freelance)

Reality Modelling

February 2007 — May 2007 (4 months)

Senior 3D Environment Artist

Kuju Entertainment

May 1999 — January 2007 (7 years 9 months)

Visual Modeller/Motion Programmer

Intersim Simulation

1997 — 1999 (2 years)

I have worked in various ways on a total of 17 gaming projects and a number of technical and visual demos including a Next Gen FPS demo.



EA Rail Simulator (PC)

MACH 'Modified Air Combat Heroes' (PSP)

George A. Romero's City of the Dead (PS2/XBox/PC) [Not Released]

Battalion Wars (GameCube)

Top Gear Racing (PS2) [Not Released]

Call of Duty: Finest Hour (online levels)(XBox/PS2)

GTR Touring (PS2/PC)

Hawk Kawasaki Racing (PS2/PC)

GTR400 (PS2/PC)

Crescent Suzuki Racing (PS2/PC)

Microsoft Train Simulator 2 (PC) [Not Released]

Warhammer 40k: Fire Warrior (PS2/PC)

Thunderbirds (PS2) [Not Released]

Lotus Challenge (PS2/XBox/GameCube/PC)

Microsoft Train Simulator (PC)

Demos (working titles):


Redwood Falls (FPS - PS3)

Indycar Racing (Track Racing - PS2)

Prehistoric Man (3rd Person Platform - PS2)


“I regard Richard as one of the best artists I've had the pleasure to work with. He has an extremely professional attitude along with a very creative streak. Aside from working all hours when needed for the good of the project he was also quick to help others and was keen to find ways to improve the project or the process with which he was involved. I don't say this lightly, I consider Richard to be one of the finest employees a manager could hope to have on his team. Great for moral and great for hitting those milestones. If you are considering him for a role then I encourage you to hire him, I know I will at the next opportunity. Matt Cooper.”

Matt Cooper, Executive Producer, Kuju
managed Richard at Kuju Entertainment

“Richard is conscientious and hard working, always mindful of the brief he has been given and always gets the job done on time. He will go out of his way to find areas that he can contribute to. He has a good positive attitude and was a pleasure to work with.”

Cumron Ashtiani, Studio Art Director, Kuju Entertainment
managed Richard at Kuju Entertainment

“Richard is very professional and hard working as well as being a creative artist who produces work of a very high standard. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again if the opportunity arose.”

Adonis Stevenson, Lead Artist, Kuju Entertainment
managed Richard at Kuju Entertainment

“Having had the pleasure of working with Richard on a variety of projects over a number of years, I've found him to be a very reliable colleague. He can always be counted on to get the job done, consistently delivering a quality product on time. He'll make the best of anything you throw at him and on top of that he's a great guy to have around.”

Ronnie Olsthoorn, Senior 3D Artist, Kuju Entertainment
managed Richard indirectly at Kuju Entertainment

“I hired Richard from outside of the games industry and he quickly became a skilled and productive 3D games artist and a valuable development team member.”

Kevin Holloway, Development Manager, Kuju Entertainment
managed Richard indirectly at Kuju Entertainment

“Richard is great artist to work with. I have managed Richard in the past on a project, and he was an asset to the team and always delivered the goods, to a high quality.”

Gray Poyda, Senior Artist, Kuju Entertainment Ltd
managed Richard at Kuju Entertainment

“I managed Richard directly twice while at Kuju. I always found him 110% committed to job in hand even when handed some difficult projects. He is an example to others on getting on with the job AND making a good job of it.”

Paul Chamberlain
managed Richard at Kuju Entertainment

“Richard and I worked closely together at Kuju and I rate him highly. As well as being a great person to work with, he is a very good 3d artist; whatever the challenge Richard is faced with, he comes up trumps! Keep up the good work buddy.”

Theo Pantazi, Lead/Senior Artist Outsourcing Division, Kuju Entertainment Ltd
managed Richard indirectly at Kuju Entertainment


This is a trailer for MACH on PSP. Acting as an assistant to the lead artist I played a key role in the design and development of all levels, building 4 of the 5 environments and 2 planes.

It was released in early 2007. I hope you enjoy it...

Check out the web site here -

This is an early trailer for City of the Dead which was unfortunately not released due to the collapse of publisher Hip Games.
I was one of the level environment artists in charge of designing and making some of the main locations and overseeing support artists.

Grand Tour Racing 400 (trailer)
I was one of the track artists on this game. In the video I designed and created the Indy track (see 2nd clip ) and the the road circuits.

....> Below are the cutscenes from Fire Warrior on PS2 for which I was responsible for most of the scene modelling and editing.



South, UK